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RockNRor is a very polyvalent mod for Age of Empires: the Rise of Rome game.

It is intended for Rise of Rome 1.0a version (latest expansion pack), however, limited versions are also available for other game versions (AOE 1.0b and 1.0c, ROR 1.0).

RockNRor fixes dozens (maybe hundreds) of bugs in ROR, including all the most important ones (savegame crash, in-game crashes, etc).

It adds many shortcuts/improvements in game screen, new feature in game, in scenario editor.

RockNRor also greatly and dramatically improves AI, for better game experience.

Please refer to the provided documentation for a detailed list (.doc file in RockNRor download archive).

RockNRor is a mod for Age of Empires: Rise of Rome


RockNRor directly comes from older programs "BinaryPatcher" and "CustomizeAOE/CustomROR". Those ones are now obsolete.

RockNRor is not a balance/new unit mod ! It does not delivers any empires.dat file, you can use the DAT file you want (original one, yours, or from some mod).

Freedom !

RockNRor is intented to allow you to use the game and customize it as you wish. Forget about hardcoded game and mods that just force you to use stuff you don't want.

In RockNRor, almost everything is configurable. Just have a look to RockNRor.xml configuration file, change the values and restart the game ! The XML file contains some comments to help you understand the options.


RockNRor offers so many fixes/features that it is impossible to list them. Here are some examples.

  • See also other tabs, e.g. EDITOR, etc !

  • Custom maximum population support (and supported by AI players !)

  • Fix for load game crash (thanks to LucTieuPhung on this)

  • Compatibility with windowed mode, (any) custom resolution (this project was the first to propose this !)

  • Compatibility with up to 255 civilisations, additional tilesets, DRS files, text-file-based additional strings : see "MODDING" section.

  • Fix many, many, many bugs in AI + improved/added AI behaviours: strategy, combat, town building, economy...

  • "Free For All" behaviour in random games: AI players no longer become all allied when you don't set teams.

  • Automatically rebuild farms

  • Additional shortcuts using numpad (shortcuts now go from 1 to 20)

  • Unlimited possible game speeds using + and - keys

  • Press ":" (FR keyboard) or "," (US) to select next idle military unit.

  • Set "spawn destination" for each building (individually)

  • View tech tree, view tech-tree-available buttons for selected unit

  • Add support for more than 1 page for unit buttons, for all units. Unit "train button" is no longer limited to 10 and will be handled automatically !

  • Allow queueing any number of any units at once (even different units). Queue order is preserved.

  • Configurable behaviour for "auto-attack" units : you can prevent catapults from shooting villagers in your town :)

  • Enable/disable shared exploration (writing tech) at game start (to configure in RockNRor.xml file).

  • Fix converted buildings visibility (they were no longer visible through fog !)

  • Fix artefacts capture bug: human player no longer capture artefacts faster than AI (occurs the first time an artefact is seen).

  • Fix many bugs with units behaviour, like AI units attacking an empty location on the map for no reason.

  • Fix kill* game crash when used with an invalid player

  • Fix random game crash when using civilizations without a tech tree.

  • Added a fully operational trigger system !

  • Enhanced trading: RockNRor fixes hardcoded parts of the game so it is possible to use other units than trade boats to trade, and use other units than docks to use as trade target

  • A basic DRS editor in RockNRorAdmin : should be more reliable than TurtlePack !!!

  • Press F1 key in game menus to configure RockNRor (Escape key to go back)

  • And much more...

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